CEREC in Kenosha, WI

Find out how you can now get a dental crown in just one dental visit.

No one wants to deal with a damaged tooth but sometimes it’s also a hassle to deal with multiple dental visits. Find out how your Kenosha, WI dentist Dr. Mario Maritato makes it easier to repair damaged teeth in just one visit.

What are CEREC crowns?

These dental crowns look and function just like traditional crowns, the only difference is that they can be fabricated in just one visit right here in our dental office. These crowns are formed from a single block of porcelain to restore your damaged teeth.

How will my cosmetic dentist in Kenosha, WI make my CEREC crown?

Instead of scheduling an appointment to have your tooth shaved down and prepared and then coming into our office a second time to place the crown, now all of this can be done in a single visit. After the tooth has been prepared to accommodate the crown digital impressions will be taken of your teeth using a small camera.

These images are uploaded onto the computer where we use CAD/CAM technology to help us design and make your very own crown. Your dentist in Kenosha will use CAD software to create a crown that offers the perfect shape and size to go over your tooth. Once the crown has been designed the CAM technology will mill out the tooth from the block of porcelain. Once the crown is complete, we can cement it over your tooth for a restored smile.

What are the benefits of CEREC?

Since you only have to come into our office once you’re sure to save both time and money when you opt for same-day crowns over traditional two-visit crowns. Plus, the whole procedure only takes about one hour, so you won’t be sitting in our office all day waiting for your new tooth.

Secondly, getting your crown the same day means that it eliminates the need for a temporary crown. Also, from an esthetic viewpoint, CEREC crowns are only made from porcelain and are therefore more natural looking than metal crowns.

Are there any downsides?

Since these same-day crowns are made from a block of porcelain it can be a bit more difficult to achieve the subtler shade of the rest of your smile. That’s why CEREC crowns are best for patients looking to cover back teeth. Those looking to replace a front tooth with a CEREC crown may want to take this into account before deciding on the best restoration for their smile.

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CEREC in Kenosha, WI


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