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Sedation Dentistry in Kenosha, WI

Kenosha, WI Sedation Dentistry

At Maritato Dental, we offer 3 options for people who are apprehensive about getting dental work done due to anxiety or any other reason. With sedation dentistry, you won't remember your visit, but you'll be glad that you came.

Nitrous Oxide

We offer nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, for its calming effect. It can make your dental visits more relaxed and enjoyable. Since it doesn't numb the teeth, we may also recommend anesthetic for some dental procedures.

What to expect

You breathe nitrous oxide in through a small mask that covers your nose. It takes just a few minuets for you to notice the effects. Patients who have benefited from nitrous oxide most often describe the feeling as being calm, unconcerned, happy, slightly numb, and disconnected from what's happening around them.

You control the effects

During the procedure, let us know if you want us to adjust the dosage of the nitrous oxide gas to fit your needs. You can also control it by your breathing. The more deeply you breathe through your nose, the more you'll feel its effects.

Because there are no long-lasting effects, you can safely drive after a dental appointment.

Let us know if you'd like to try nitrous oxide to feel more relaxed during your dental appointment. We'll review your health history and determine if it's right for you.

Oral Conscious Sedation


What are the benefits?

Oral conscious sedation helps certain patients cope more comfortably with dental appointments. 

We may recommend it if you are anxious about dental appointments, have difficulty getting numb with local anesthesia, have a severe gag response, suffer from very sensitive teeth, or want to have a lot of dental work done during a single, longer appointment. 
To plan the best treatment for you, we'll need to know about your current medical conditions, along with any allergic reactions you've had to other medications.

What to expect

First, we may ask you to abstain from all foods and liquids after midnight the night before your appointment, and then you'll take an oral medication about an hour before your appointment. Because the medication will make you groggy, you'll need a friend or relative to bring you to the office.

Once you're seated in the chair, we'll assess how deeply you're sedated, and adjust your medication if necessary to keep you comfortable. For most procedures, it will also be necessary to numb your mouth, but the oral medication you've taken will make this pain-free.

During the procedure, we'll constantly monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen levels to ensure your safety. You won't feel any pain or be aware of time passing during the procedure. You'll feel very relaxed and may even sleep, but you will respond easily to touch and our requests. After the procedure, your friend or relative will take you home where you'll relax for the rest of the day.

For many, oral conscious sedation is a good choice for anxiety-free dentistry.

IV Sedation

We have partnered with Wisconsin Ambulatory Anesthesia S.C. to provide IV sedation for our patients if you would like to learn more about IV sedation please visit their website at


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